6 Benefits Of A Marriage License

Posted on: 25 October 2022

A marriage license is a document that authorizes two people to marry. It is usually issued by the government and must be obtained before the wedding can take place.

There are many benefits to having a marriage license, including the following:

A Marriage License Ensures That Both Parties Are of Legal Age to Marry

In order to obtain a marriage license, both parties must be of legal age to marry. This is usually 18 years old, but it may be higher or lower in some jurisdictions. This ensures that both parties are old enough to make the decision to marry and that they understand the legal implications of doing so.

A Marriage License Ensures That Both Parties Are Free to Marry (i.e., They Are Not Married to Someone Else)

This is important because, if either party was already married, their marriage would not be legal and would not be recognized by the state. This can also help to prevent bigamy (the act of marrying someone while still being married to someone else).

A Marriage License May Be Required to Receive Certain Benefits

In some cases, a couple may not be able to receive certain benefits, such as health insurance, unless they are married. This is because, in the eyes of the law, a married couple is considered to be a single unit.

A Marriage License May Be Required to File Taxes Jointly

In many jurisdictions, a married couple is allowed to file their taxes jointly. This can often lead to a lower tax bill because the couple's income is divided between them.

A Marriage License May Be Required to Adopt Children

In some jurisdictions, a married couple is the only type of couple that is allowed to adopt children. This is because many states want to ensure that the children will have two legal parents.

A Marriage License May Be Required to Inherit Property

In some jurisdictions, if a person dies without a will, their spouse is automatically entitled to a portion of their estate. This is not the case if the couple is not married. To avoid such an issue, some couples choose to get married so that their spouse will automatically inherit their property in the event of their death.

While a marriage license is not required in all jurisdictions, it is a good idea to obtain one if you can. It provides many benefits to the married couple and can help ensure that the marriage is legal and recognized by the state. Keep these tips in mind when looking to get a marriage license from a local service.