Planning an Elopement? Things You Need to Know

Posted on: 5 January 2022

An elopement involves getting married in a much more relaxed fashion than hosting a large ceremony that is conducted at a church or a wedding venue. Two people who are ready to commit to each other may choose this type of union if they do not have a lot of funds for a large wedding or if they would like to experience an intimate ceremony and celebratory events.

Venues and Activities

An elopement ceremony can take place anywhere. Some people may prefer to host their wedding inside of a loved one's home or along a beach or another scenic spot. There are many venues that offer elopement packages. A beautiful vineyard and winery or a rustic restaurant and inn could offer the air of romanticism that two people are seeking. Additionally, either of these venues may offer tours, dining experiences, and the opportunity to stay in a featured guest room.

For those with time constraints or a desire to experience varying activities at different venues or points of interest, a couple can choose a wedding location that is meaningful to both of them and can select the celebratory activities that they will enjoy, once the wedding ceremony has ended. 

Guests, Travel Costs, and a Photographer

Two people who have chosen to get eloped may want to share their wedding day with some close family members or a couple of friends. There are no limits to the number of people who can attend an elopement. The manner in which guests will be transported to and from a wedding venue and whether or not the attendees will require overnight accommodations may greatly influence the overall cost of an elopement.

If a couple plans on secretively heading to a destination to get married and revealing the elopement later, the person who officiates the ceremony and the photographer/videographer may be the only others who are in attendance. 

The pictures and video footage that are taken during an elopement can capture the essence of a ceremony. HIring a professional who has professional lighting and camera equipment will support the cutomization of pictures and footage. A photographer/videographer should be willing to provide services before, during, and after a wedding ceremony. They can take a series of pictures or record a series of video clips that will represent the manner in which a couple first met, formed a union with one another, and celebrated afterward.

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