Developing a Wedding Music Program That Makes Memories

Posted on: 28 August 2020

Many cherished memorabilia are produced at weddings—the wedding photos, endearing wishes in wedding cards—but you likely never planned on a breakout YouTube video. More wedding parties are starring in the wedding music program themselves. By being creative, you can add special music memories. 

From the wedding party's entrance to the bouquet toss, there are about a dozen special moments during a reception in which you can make a special music memory. 

Reception Music Program

Developing the music program for a wedding reception could make a theatre producer look like a slouch. The following are some of the moments that you can set to music:

  • Wedding party entrance
  • Bride and groom first dance
  • Father and bride dance 
  • More dances (groom and mother, wedding party...)
  • During the toast
  • Opening of wedding presents 
  • Tossing of the wedding garter 
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Tossing of the garter
  • Last dance of the night 

Powerful Solo Performances 

Two of the most emotional dances for the couple and their guests are the couples' first dance and the father-bride dance. The couple usually chooses their special song together. The father may choose a song as a tribute to the daughter, or vise versa. A solo performer can provide a moving performance for your most special dances of the night. 

Group Music Performances 

Live wedding bands can play a wide music repertoire for all your special reception moments. Be sure to decide on your music program and provide it to the band long before the big reception night. Otherwise, you may hear a few rusty chords and sour notes. 

The latest craze in wedding reception music is to have the wedding party put together their own performance. If you're a creative bunch, this could be your big moment. Wedding parties are producing viral videos on YouTube. Themes range from singing and instrumentals to comedy skits. 

A Wedding DJ

You could go with a wedding DJ. Many special moments are honored with music at a wedding reception. A live band can be an unnecessary distraction, especially if you plan to slot in other live performances. You may want to go with a wedding DJ if you:

  • choose a broad music program and the band is unable to play all the songs  
  • plan to hire one or more solo performances at the reception
  • family or friends plan to perform 
  • have hired for a four-string quartet, or other live music, for the wedding ceremony and do not want to go over your reception budget. 

Developing a wedding music program does not have to be expensive. By drawing music talent from your circle of family and friends, you can make more meaningful and cherished memories for the wedding party and guests.