How To Have A Great Beach Wedding Even In The Fall

Posted on: 1 August 2019

Do you want to get married on the beach but are worried that it won't be the right season for you to do so? Although most people think of beach weddings as a summer activity, autumn can be a great time to marry by the ocean. What can you do to ensure that it turns out just the way you want it? Here are four tips to keep in mind as you plan.

Adjust the Palette. Beach weddings in the spring and summer often come with pastel and softer color palettes. Think about things like seafoam green, pinks, blushes, baby blue, or yellows. But the fall is a time to experiment with a more robust and seasonal hue. Consider using darker blues and greens, deeper reds, burnt orange, or chocolate. This keeps the festivities coastal in theme while embracing the change in seasons. 

Prepare for Weather. The weather at the beach can be temperamental at any time, but autumn weather will be even more unpredictable. You're likelier to have wind, cool evenings, and clouds. Plan ahead for this by creating shelter for you and your guests. Look for a beachside venue with both indoor and outdoor elements. Rent a tent for protection rather than simply walking onto the open sand.

Choose Practical Attire. The right dress for beachside nuptials is often more casual and practical than that of an indoor wedding. For the fall, be more attentive to practicality. Consider layering your dress both for warmer afternoons and for chilly evenings. While flip-flops are a go-to shoe choice for beach parties, you may want to opt for closed-toe flats as the sand becomes cool after dark. And plan your hairstyle with the wind in mind.  

Incorporate the Season. Even though the ocean remains the same, the autumn season comes with its own innate charms. Make use of these for your decor and accessories during a fall wedding. This might include autumn foliage or gourds in the centerpieces, for instance. Add some romantic lanterns as guests come and go. Or you could make your signature drink a hot toddy and serve cocoa as the sun sets. Have fun with your favorite autumn features.

You can have a fun and comfortable beach wedding no matter what time of year you choose. Following these few tips is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and help you create an enjoyable day for everyone.