Ready To Elope? Head To Las Vegas With These Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

Posted on: 12 August 2015

Eloping can help make your special day significantly less stressful and less costly, which is why many people choose to do it. Las Vegas tends to be one of the most popular destinations for people to elope. This is because Las Vegas makes it so that you can basically get married anytime that you want – even if it is on a whim. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide to elope to Las Vegas:

1. Make Sure Eloping Is What You Really Want to Do.

While the idea of eloping may sound fantastic to you and your fiancé, you may want to consider the feelings of others before making the final decision. Some friends and family members may be hurt that you decided to embark on your special day without them. While there is nothing wrong with eloping, as long as you are happy, you need to make certain that it is the best option for you and your fiancé.

2. Select the Date – or Don't!

With traditional weddings, you would need to plan months in advance for your wedding. You would need to decide on the date before anything else so that you could secure a venue. By getting married in Las Vegas, you don't have to worry about the stressful pick-a-date task. Simply load up and arrive in Vegas ready to get married on any day of the week and at any time of the day or night. Just keep in mind that if you choose to get married on a holiday, such as Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, you will probably have to wait in line to tie the knot.

3. Don't Forget the Marriage License.

Just like any other county, you will need to get a marriage license before you actually say "I Do." You can fill out the pre-application from the Clark County Marriage Bureau's website. The pre-application will be saved in the county's system for 60 days. Unlike in many counties, Clark County does not have a waiting period and does not require a blood test in order for a marriage license to be issued. The cost, as of August 4, 2015, is $77.

4. Take Care in Selecting Your Wedding Venue.

Although you don't have to choose your venue months in advance, you do still have to choose it. There are hundreds of chapels and venues in Las Vegas where you can get hitched. Therefore, you need to know what you want ahead of time to help narrow down your choices. Do you want to be married in a chapel, synagogue, church or even a garden? Do you want Elvis to walk you down the aisle? Do you want to be married by a real priest? These are things to consider when it comes to what you want with your Vegas wedding.

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