Getting Your Wedding Groove On: 3 Things Your DJ Should Know

Posted on: 7 July 2015

A wedding DJ is a person who brings life to the party by way of announcing transitions in the wedding (the garter toss, first dance, etc), and supplying a great variety of music for dancing. Before you get your groove on, make sure your wedding DJ knows just what you expect so you can both have a great time. Here are 3 things your DJ should know before your wedding even starts.

Songs you will not allow

Sure, you'll bring a list of tunes you and your beloved adore, and your DJ will have an ample supply of music from many genres to please the masses. If there are songs in particular you cannot stand, such as a song you and your ex used to listen to or a dance song you hate on the airwaves, let the DJ know. This way, they won't play it by accident if one of your guests requests it. Being prepared, your DJ will be able to skip over tunes that may ruin your night.

How loud you want music to be played

Blaring music is fun for dancing, but can make having intimate conversations with loved ones difficult. Have your DJ explain to you how loud your music should be in order to be able to hear the tunes over the din of people conversing, eating, and dancing. If you fear music will still be too loud, let your DJ reassure you that they will adjust the volume as needed if you or your new spouse have any concerns. Having this conversation before the wedding keeps your DJ from being caught off-guard when you shout at them to turn it down later.

Whether you will allow song requests

DJs are accustomed to song requests at weddings, and many guests will use the occasion to hear their favorite tune played. If you are leery about the song choices your guests will make, especially those from children or drunken in-laws, let your DJ know. They can use their best judgement to safely guide guests to wiser song choices, or just turn them down politely altogether, especially if they have your support in doing so.

Your DJ is at your wedding to help make the event memorable and fun. If you have concerns over the type of music played, how loud it's going to be, or the kind of  requests made from certain guests, let your DJ know in advance. This way, they can be prepared for whatever comes their way and allow you to have a wonderful time on your big day.