The Importance Of Hiring A Qualified Wedding Photographer

Posted on: 18 March 2015

As you plan your big day, as you look for the perfect dress, the wedding chapel, and just the right flowers, it's import to budget for a decent wedding photographer. While people may offer to cover your wedding for you "because they have a good camera", this is a mistake that you will regret when you realize the memories of your big day are blurry, dark, and don't represent the beautiful day that you had planned.

Your Friend Has Never Covered a Wedding

Capturing pictures of your wedding day isn't as easy as clicking a button. While your friend may have a pretty good camera, knowing where to be at the right time is more difficult than it seems. An experienced wedding photographer knows how the day is supposed to flow. They will be there to capture your first kiss, to see you walking down the aisle, and to take formals with your family and friends. Trusting these experiences to an amateur is simply asking for trouble.

Good Cameras Mean Nothing in Poor Lighting

Whether you notice it or not, you will have a variety of lighting scenarios at your wedding. From outdoor ceremonies, to formals at twilight, to dancing under the lights of a disc jockey, it is hard to capture images in all types of lighting unless you know what you are doing. Amateurs tend to put their camera on auto settings and simply shoot like crazy, hoping for some decent shots. A professional photographer will understand how to use their camera on manual settings, constantly changing settings to compensate for changes in light. It is almost impossible for an amateur to capture good quality images in different lighting situations.

Action is Hard to Capture

Yes, your friend with a camera will probably take some good images of you and your spouse posing together. As long as the lighting is perfect, the breeze doesn't blow, and no one moves at all, your friend will get some decent shots of you. What you need to remember is that a wedding is a constantly moving party, and capturing action isn't easy. In fact, a good photographer will need to track their subjects as they walk the aisle towards them in order to get an image that is in focus. An amateur is not going to understand this and will simply hope for the best.

When you spend your time and energy on creating your perfect day, it is wise to invest in a qualified wedding photographer. Preserve your memories by hiring someone who knows what they are doing, and you won't spend your day worrying if the pictures are coming out right. 

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